• Welcome to SLC

    Welcome to SLC

    The Global Supplier of high-end Lighting for international motor-shows, exhibitions and corporate events
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  • Grand MA2 Command Wing

    Grand MA2 Command Wing

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  • Elation Platinium 5R Beam Extreme

    Elation Platinium 5R Beam Extreme

    Source: 330w Philips 16R
    Optics: 6°- 43° Wash
    Colour: CMY + CTO
    Control: 17/19/26ch
    Power: 450w
    Weight: 21.8kg

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  • Grand MA2 NPU

    Grand MA2 NPU

    • Control Desk
  • Arrisun 2 Event

    Arrisun 2 Event

    200 Watt
    Colour temperature 6500K
    Rackmount 6 way electronic ballasts
    Dimmable to 50% and DMX addressable
    Schalltbau dedicated cabspanng system
    Dichroic glass reflectors

    • Daylight
  • Martin Mac Viper Performance

    Martin Mac Viper Performance

    Source: 1000w Lamp
    Optics: 10-44°
    Colour: 6000k
    Control: 32/40ch
    Power: 1194w
    Weight: 37.9kg

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  • Selecon Daylight 575

    Selecon Daylight 575

    575 Watt
    Colour temperature 7200K
    Stirrup mounted electronic ballast
    Silent operation - no fans
    Partial high frequency electronic ballast 300 KH3
    Multi-voltage 90-260V

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  • DTW 1000 Bar

    DTW 1000 Bar

    Source: LED
    Optics: 28°
    Colour: CW/WW/AMB dim to warm
    Control: DMX
    Power: 145w
    Weight: 7.3kg

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  • Astra Bi-colour 1x1 Next Gen

    Astra Bi-colour 1x1 Next Gen

    Source: LED
    Optics: 45° Beam
    Colour: Bi-colour
    Control: DMX/Manual tuning
    Power: 110w
    Weight: 3.2kg

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