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    Welcome to SLC

    The Global Supplier of high-end Lighting for international motor-shows, exhibitions and corporate events
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  • Astra Bi-colour 1x1 Next Gen

    Astra Bi-colour 1x1 Next Gen

    Source: LED
    Optics: 45° Beam
    Colour: Bi-colour
    Control: DMX/Manual tuning
    Power: 110w
    Weight: 3.2kg

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  • SGM LT100

    SGM LT100

    Source: LED
    Optics: 2 x 130°
    Colour: RGB
    Control: 162ch
    Power: 20w
    Weight: 330g

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  • Elation TVL 3000 II DW

    Elation TVL 3000 II DW

    Source: LED
    Optics: 10,25,40,60 Lens
    Colour: WW/CW/DW
    Control: DMX
    Power: 70w/battery pack option
    Weight: 5.1kg

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  • Elation Six bar 500

    Elation Six bar 500

    Source: LED
    Optics: 30° Beam
    Colour: RGBAW + UV
    Control: 6/11/18/36/39/43ch
    Power: 93w
    Weight: 4.1kg

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  • Ape Light Can

    Ape Light Can

    Source: LED
    Optics: Vari Lens Kit
    Colour: RGBW
    Control: WDMX
    Power: Battery
    Weight: 0.39kg

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  • Antari Snow Machine

    Antari Snow Machine

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  • RGBW Sur Spot-D/Light Module

    RGBW Sur Spot-D/Light Module

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  • Green Hippo Critter

    Green Hippo Critter

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