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    Welcome to SLC

    The Global Supplier of high-end Lighting for international motor-shows, exhibitions and corporate events
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  • Grand MA2 NPU

    Grand MA2 NPU

    • Control Desk
  • SGM P5

    SGM P5

    Source: LED
    Optics: 21° & 43 lens
    Colour: RGBW
    Control: 3 to 10ch
    Power: 450w
    Weight: 8.9kg

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  • Martin VC Strip

    Martin VC Strip

    Source: LED
    Optics: 120°
    Colour: RGBW
    Control: P3 controller
    Power: 4w
    Weight: 43g

    • LED
  • Wybron 2K Dowser

    Wybron 2K Dowser

    • Accessories
  • Elation FLX (hybrid beam/spot/flood)

    Elation FLX (hybrid beam/spot/flood)

    Source: 470w
    Optics: beam, spot & wash
    Colour: CMY/Colourweheel
    Control: 24/26/37ch
    Power: 740w
    Weight: 34kg

    • Moving
  • Chorus DW24

    Chorus DW24

    Source: LED
    Optics: 9° Beam
    Colour: WW/CW
    Control: 4/5/8/9/11ch
    Power: 169w
    Weight: 10.4kg

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  • SLC Daylight 575 V2

    SLC Daylight 575 V2

    575 Watt
    Colour temperature 7200K
    Variable focus lamp optimisation
    Quick release lamp housing for simple lamp change
    Patented High frequency electronic ballast 300khz
    Integral heatsinks so no fans required
    Silent operation
    Reduced heat output
    Extented lamp-life and soft-start
    Fewer components for increased reliability
    Multi-voltage 90-260V
    Efficiency 95% @ 230V
    Clearer image projections
    ETC aluminium reflector
    Multiple lens attachment options
    Ballast onboard
    No additional cabling or remote ballasts
    Off-the-shelf accessories include "Wybon 1k" dimmable shutters and dichroic filters CTO CTB and colours
    View and download full features and illustrations pdf

    • Daylight
  • Moby 40

    Moby 40

    Source: LED
    Optics: 15° Beam
    Colour: RGBA
    Control: WDMX
    Power: Battery
    Weight: 5.5kg

    • LED
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