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  • Chamsys Snakesys B4

    Chamsys Snakesys B4

    • Control Desk
  • Selecon Daylight 575

    Selecon Daylight 575

    575 Watt
    Colour temperature 7200K
    Stirrup mounted electronic ballast
    Silent operation - no fans
    Partial high frequency electronic ballast 300 KH3
    Multi-voltage 90-260V

    • Daylight
  • Chorus DW72

    Chorus DW72

    Source: LED
    Optics: 11° Beam
    Colour: WW/CW
    Control: 5/7/24/25/27ch
    Power: 510w
    Weight: 24kg

    • LED
  • SLC Daylight ETC Profile 150W

    SLC Daylight ETC Profile 150W

    150 Watt
    Colour temperature 3000K
    Full daylight 6500 K output
    6000 hours lamp-life
    Electronic stirrup mounted light-weight ballast
    Silent operation
    ETC glass reflector
    Quick release lamp housing for simplified lamp change
    Low heat output: can be used with standard colour filters
    Ideal for: low budget, low height, restricted access areas, low mains power availability.
    Interchangeable lamp 4200K and 3000K

    • Daylight
  • ETC Studio HD Profile

    ETC Studio HD Profile

    Source: LED
    Optics: Vari Lens
    Control: DMX
    Power: 127w
    Weight: 8.3kg

    • LED
  • Grand MA2 Command Wing

    Grand MA2 Command Wing

    • Control Desk
  • SGM LT100

    SGM LT100

    Source: LED
    Optics: 2 x 130°
    Colour: RGB
    Control: 162ch
    Power: 20w
    Weight: 330g

    • LED
  • Wybron 1K Dowser

    Wybron 1K Dowser

    • Accessories
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