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  • Wybron Iris 1K Dowser

    Wybron Iris 1K Dowser

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  • Grand MA2 lite

    Grand MA2 lite

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  • Wybron Iris 2K Dowser

    Wybron Iris 2K Dowser

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  • Elation Six bar 500

    Elation Six bar 500

    Source: LED
    Optics: 30° Beam
    Colour: RGBAW + UV
    Control: 6/11/18/36/39/43ch
    Power: 93w
    Weight: 4.1kg

    • LED
  • SLC Daylight 150 CDM-T 4200K

    SLC Daylight 150 CDM-T 4200K

    150 Watt
    Colour temperature 4200K
    Neutral daylight 4200K output
    10,000 hours lamp-life
    Electronic stirrup mounted light-weight ballast
    Silent operation
    ETC aluminium reflector
    Quick release lamp housing for simplified lamp change
    Low heat output: can be used with standard colour filters
    Ideal for: low budget, low height, restricted access areas and low mains power
    Interchangeable lamp 6500K and 3000K

    • Daylight
  • Elation FLX (hybrid beam/spot/flood)

    Elation FLX (hybrid beam/spot/flood)

    Source: 470w
    Optics: beam, spot & wash
    Colour: CMY/Colourweheel
    Control: 24/26/37ch
    Power: 740w
    Weight: 34kg

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  • Hazebase Hazer

    Hazebase Hazer

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  • Chamsys PCWing Compact

    Chamsys PCWing Compact

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