Selecon Pacific Profile

The Pacific Profile Zoomspot (14-35) performs optimally in a medium to large size venue. It delivers a clear cool beam of light and uses the common size B gobo. Lamp base options are the 1K Blue Pinch or the 600w GKV. The beam angle of 14-35 degrees was chosen to improve efficiency of light distribution and includes rotatable lens tube for maximum flexibility.

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  • Produces more light than comparative beam range of traditional ellipsoidal profiles due to reflector design.
  • Cool “white” light. Over 80% of the heat is removed from the light beam by a cold mirror and dissipated through the heatsink
  • Automatic disconnection of power on removal of the lamp module. This important safety feature prevents a student or technician from inserting a lamp into an electrically live fixture
  • Base down lamp mounted axially in the reflector to maximize light collection
  • Accurate, simple & cool to use adjustments
  • Two gobo/iris mounting positions
  • Height adjustable yoke.